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Two women, one vision & a deep love of stories.


Judith and Megan both met back in 2011 while performing in what would eventually be known to the world as "Mecha Chocobo" (a geeky comedy stage show and web series that was Megan's own creation). Realizing they shared a love of performing arts and pop culture, they developed a solid friendship amidst continuous shows and performances thereafter.

In 2015 they decided to create Near Here Productions along with another of their friends Shelby, who joined the team and brought in her own experience and passion as well. The three of them went on to write their first book together. Along with a now growing creative team from The Con Artists group (a team of interactive event planners and performers within the Florida convention scene ) and Clever Disguises (a group of award-winning cosplay performers and costumers), NHP formed a partnership with Shadocon to bring to life the stage show Rhyme Nor Reason and also went on to revive Megan's original show Mecha Chocobo.

Currently they are performing around the state of Florida, working to expand their online viewership, and continuing to produce new entertainment. And are excited by what the future brings!