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In OUR LAST production, "The Wanted", Science Fiction met the Wild West in one massive cross-over that spanned anime and video games.

"West - The journey where dreams are made, the lover of every adventurer's heart, and the place where memories haunt the living. Here, there is no good or evil. Just the choices we make. In one part of the western reaches of space, two sides will collide. The law and the lawless will make their stand; driven by greed, guilt, and love. Join us and witness their story."



The cast of characters featured in this show!


Interested in the show? Well hurry up and check it out, cowpoke!

Click below to see the show, and take part in an story like no other.

If you weren’t able to make it to ShADOCON 2016 and be a part of Rhyme Nor Reason's live story and event:  "The Wanted", never fear! You can see the entire show online in the video section below!


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