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 Rhyme nor Reason is a fun and adventurous stage show, blending characters and talents from across genres.

Here there's something for everyone: comedy, drama, interactivity, and a variety performance arts.

This stage performance is a story-driven cosplay variety show produced by Near Here Productions, and excitingly We will be bringing our BRAND NEW show to none other than florida’s own METROCON 2019!

This is our first trip to Metrocon, and you can Expect exciting twists and turns, song and dance, action, and more. Come and immerse yourself in the dreams of your favorite characters and watch their story unfold!

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“Dreams – the place where anything is possible and reality is ever-changing. It’s in dreams where our deepest desires can be revealed, as well as our truest selves laid bare to be witnessed… but with dreams also come nightmares, where good and evil isn’t always so black and white. Join Sakura and the forces in-between as they fight to overcome a bizarre new reality. What other dark forces are at work that may try and stop them from succeeding?”

In this 2019 production, “The Dreamers,” the whimsical meets the fantastic in one massive crossover that spans across anime and video games.



The cast of characters featured in this show!



The audition dates for Rhyme Nor Reason 2019 will be February 23rd and 24th. They will be held at Al Lopez Park, Shelter 303, at 10 AM and 2 PM, both days. You only need to be present for one of those days and times. Roles will be announced after auditions are concluded in an email.

  • You must sign a hold-harmless and non-disclosure agreement to take part in the performance

  • You must be 18 years of age by the time rehearsals start

  • You will be required to memorize your part from a script we provide

  • You must be able to attend practices in Tampa, FL

  • Make sure to bring a completed tryout form AND an out of costume headshot attached to the completed form (link coming soon)

  • Wear comfortable clothes to auditions – we’ll be doing a short stretch/warm-up, a physical movement portion (including combat and dance), an interview, and a traditional acting audition (you will be videotaped for casting purposes)

  • You must be willing to make/provide/acquire your own costume if cast

Tips: Bring water, wear sunscreen, bring a friend, and be creative!



First day of rehearsal: Sunday April 7th

Sunday rehearsals: 4/7-6/30 6-10PM

Wednesday rehearsals: 4/24-7/3 7-10PM

Saturday “swing day” rehearsals: 5/11-6/29 1-5PM

Dress rehearsal: TBD


Interested in the show? Well come join us in this dreamscape!

Come see the show, and take part in a story like no other.

Stay tuned for more updates, and getYOUR TICKET NOW FOR MEtrocon 2019!